Amputee Woman Ampvannessa

Become an Amputee

It was a difficult phase because it was the product of cancer and that entails an emotional process and medical treatment that involved sensitive and physical wear and tear; but always positive, since the amputation I use my crutches to use the prosthesis to be able to have more freedom in my daily activities and working life.


It is a process that involves the acceptance of the new panorama, but it is also a new opportunity to start again; After that, I managed to be in positions of importance in my workplace; continue studying and get new things; my plans for the near future consist of achieving perfection in the use of the prosthesis and mastery of it; as well as overcome my own obstacle; another goal is to be able to help other and contribution to people in similar circumstances; be an image that can express without words that you can achieve everything you want, the limits do not exist.

Some Questions & Answers

Why did you lose your leg?
Product of a synovial sarcoma in the popliteal hollow; after several surgeries to save, amputation was inevitable.

What do you remember about that?
So many things and fears but the most difficult part of the process was to adapt to the new life and the subsequent treatment of the amputation.

Do you use prosthesis or crutches?

How do you move at home?
It depends on the activity, most of the time crutches or nothing, just jumps and in case of household activities the prosthesis for more speed.

What kind of crutches do you use?
Forearm Crutches.

Do you have phantom pain?
At the beginning of the amputation, the sensation was horrible until it was unbearable to endure it, but it was lowering, but in episodes it is felt.

What feeling do you have about your stump?
I love it, is cute and it is a part of my body that I take care of.

Do you like to caress or be caressed?

What do you think of the devotees?
It depends on the type, there are some that go to the extreme, but in reality, they are people who have inclination or tastes for amputees or their stumps.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
All kinds of clothes and the depends of the occasion.

Have children?
Yes, one (01)

Do you have a couple?

Can you talk by phone, video call or have an appointment?

What do you think of the people who share your photos and videos without authorization?
It bothers me that they do so since they must ask permission for it and know the purpose of using it.

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