Amputee Model Videos

"Ampvannessa at the Zoo"

23:30 min with crutches, skirt and heel


"Pegleg at Home"

16:00 min with Peg leg and High hills


"Green Bikini"

13:30 min with green bikini and high heel


"Pegleg with High heel"

12:40 min First time with Pegleg


"Getting Ready for a Date"

16:40 min Makeup, Dressing...


"Shopping at Mall"

13:20 min Walking around


"Amputee at the office"

14:20 min Working at the office


"Amputee at the Beach"

20:30 min at the beach and 27 HR Photos


"Amputee at the Park"

18:00 min In the park with 27 HR photos


Ampvannessa - Amputee model

"Crutching in the Park"

11:30 min In the park with 22 HR photos


Ampvannessa - Amputee model


Enjoy the amputee life!


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